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Winspear Picks Icegrip Shuriken Mini III

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Icegrip Shuriken

 Dimensions: 32x32mm / 27x27mm (mini)

A flat profile pick with three identical tips. Available in a standard 6mm size or a scaled down 3mm version, the Shuriken increases comfort and lasts three times as long!

The Icegrip series plectrums are made from UHMWPE, offering extreme durability and smooth, effortless playing. The beveled edges of Icegrip plectrums are buffed to melting point, creating a glossy surface that will have your pick gliding over the strings smoothly with none of the annoying ‘chirping’ characteristic of most thick plectrums. A heavier weighty attack with more fundamental frequency is a key characteristic of the Icegrip series. The gripping surface is sanded by hand to a ‘frosted’ finish with a unique soft feel, helping to increase grip and providing incredible comfort.

The thickness of these picks encourages a more relaxed grip whilst delivering a weightier attack with less effort. Due to the tapered ergonomic design, they feel significantly smaller and less cumbersome than the thickness measurement may imply. With smooth beveled edges and a precise sharp tip, Winspear Picks give a precise playing experience and glide over the strings effortlessly. Featuring a metal logo inlay for further grip increase.

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