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Winspear Instrumental Co Crystal Premium Guitar Cable 20’ Sky Blue RA – ST

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Peerless Music is proud to be the authorised Australian Distributor for Winspear Instrumental Company.

Custom ergonomic guitar picks & premium instrument cables, crafted in the United Kingdom with the highest quality materials. Designed to optimize your technique and tone. Built to last.

Crystal Premium Cable – The Most Transparent Cable You’ll Never Hear…

SKY BLUE – 20 Foot Right Angle to Straight

Forged in the United Kingdom from exclusively world-class components, Crystal cables serve you with exceptional build quality and tonal transparency.

By ensuring that your precious signal chain remains uncompromised by loss of tone or added noise, Crystal Premium Cable gives you exactly what you put in. Nothing more, nothing less. Crystal clear tone. Just you, the way you were meant to sound.

Guitarists pay exceptional attention to their rigs. From picks, strings, pickups and guitar choice, to pedals, amplifiers, cabinets and speakers. Every element is refined repeatedly over the years.

But what about cables? At Winspear Instrumental Company, we believe the cable should be a completely neutral element of your rig. That’s why the Crystal custom cable range reduces loss of treble frequencies by 2-6 times in comparison with many common options. Our construction utilises a unique gas-injected foam insulation to achieve an exceptionally low capacitance of just 15.8pf/Foot, providing tonal transparency like you’ve never heard.

Bespoke Cables, Tailored to Your Setup

With every doubling of length resulting in double the capacitance, it’s important to ensure that your cable is as neutral as possible. Whether you need long cable runs to dominate the stage, a comfortable length for the studio or bedroom, or numerous connectors for a tap-dance worthy pedalboard, Crystal Premium Cable ensures your rig retains unbeatable clarity of tone in all situations.

Exceptional Build Quality & Noise Elimination

There’s nothing quite like the solid feel of plugging in a quality, heavy duty cable. The laser etched gold Neutrik connectors utilize precision machined one-piece tip contacts for a solid connection, encased in a robust die-cast metal housing for extra EMI protection. Crystal Premium Cable is double shielded with copper mesh and a conductive carbon screen for the very best in noise reduction.

Durable, Flexible, Twist-proof

Underneath a gold foil printed cover hides an extra large bushing and strain relief chuck, holding the cable in place with a vice grip. This ultra low loss cable is protected by a wonderfully flexible soft PVC rubber-like jacket. It’s also completely anti-twist to help you keep tidy!

Crystal Premium Cables are finished off with with a protective braided outer shell in a beautiful range of colours, ensuring that you look as good as you sound.

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