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Wilson Effects 12 Position Rippah Booster Wah

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Peerless Music is proud to be an authorised Dealer for Wilson Effects. Vintage inspired circuits. Hand crafted and designed for the working musician.


Whether you enjoy the vintage quack of a 1967 Clyde McCoy wah pedal, the deep throaty tones of a Macari wah or you simply love the deep synth tones of a more modern wah. The Rippah Q-Wah allows you to dial in your favorite wah tones via the easy to access control knobs. Making your heavenly wah tone that you hear in your head just a turn of a knob away.

The low end of the Rippah Q-Wah has a slightly different characteristic to it than your average wah circuit. There is a little more throat and growl in the low end which makes it ideal for the player that really wants to cut through the mix.

Another advantage to the Rippah Q-wah is if you want to clean it up a bit and tame the growl of the pedal, you can by simply tuning it out.

With just about every wah sound imaginable at your finger tips the Rippah Q-Wah is sure to become an effective weapon in the studio and on stage as well.

Every Rippah Q-Wah comes standard with a Depth of the sweep control at the front of the pedal. This allows you to dial in how deep the sweep in the pedal goes. While it is rather subtle from the mid point to the max it adds a little more throat to the depth of the sweep if you max it out and just the opposite when turning it down.

The Rippah Q-Wah also comes with either a six or twelve position Q position switch. Depending on which model you choose, that allows you to adjust the position of the Q in the sweep. You can adjust it to a deep synth like growl to a high almost envelope filter type of sound.

Also included is a growl knob at the heel of the pedal. This allows you to adjust the amount of bass and gain that is in the circuit. So whether you like to have a lot of deep throat to the sound of the wah or you like a little more quack to your sound the growl knob will help you dial in that sound you hear in your head.

Every Rippah Q-Wah comes standard with a built in fuzz buffer. What this means is that the Rippah Q-Wah will work just as well in front of a fuzz pedal.

Inside the pedal you will notice a small blue trimmer. This is a volume control that controls the out put of the pedal so if you like your pedal at unity gain or you like to boost it up a little for a searing lead the volume control will allow you to get there.

The Rippah Q-Wah operates off of a 2.1mm center negative power supply or a high quality alkaline battery.

It comes with a one year warranty on parts and labor. All of our pedals are true bypass and are built in the U.S.A.

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