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This Heavy Earth Widower

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Peerless Music is proud to be the Authorised Aussie dealer for The Heavy Earth: Founded in April of 2021, THISHEAVYEARTH brings a focus on versatility to classic and original circuit designs and paired with looks that kill. Designed with the tone chaser in mind, these builds offer countless knobs, dip switches, and toggles to sculpt your sound for any style of music, as long as it’s crust, black, doom, or death… but we are sure you can use them for yacht rock too.


T.H.E. Widower distortion will literally take your head off with its high gain, high sustain amp-like distortion sound.

Sporting an active boost/cut 2 band EQ. The unique character of this pedal is in part due to the cmos input opamps utilized for the three gain stage design. This provides a different tonal quality than your standard JFET input opamp, such as the TL072. The Edge control gives you the ability to shape your waveform before it enters the gain section giving you a wider tonal palette of distortion from “British” to “USA” style voicing allowing you to get a nice crunch tone or a high gain distortion.

This build can be run as a preamp into an effects return or into other pedals/amp. My preference is as a preamp being boosted by another pedal.


  • Gain – Controls the amount of signal going into the three cascading gain stages.
  • Level – Controls the output volume.
  • Edge – Contour control that allows you to sweep the upper mid and presence frequencies before it goes into the gain stages.
  • Low – Cut/boost the bass frequencies.
  • High – Cut/boost the treble frequencies.
  • Bypass LED Brightness (Internal) – Adjust overall brightness of front LED. Default setting at minimum (full CCW).



This product can accept 18VDC supply input for additional headroom.



Soft click (1.1KGf) mechanical 3PDT.

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