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Peerless Music is proud to present Sfarzo SNAKE OIL BRAND Strings.  Hand crafted & hand wound in the US by Sfarzo String Manufacturing.

Snake Oil Brand Acoustic Guitar Strings – the World’s finest hand-wound acoustic guitar strings – now available at Peerless Music.

Snake Oil Brand Strings – Acoustic Phospher Bronze 12-56 PBM-101 

Snake Oil Acoustic strings are phosphor bronze and will sound great on your guitar.

Acoustic Formula available in three distinctly different Formulas, one of which will surely match your acoustic instrument PERFECTLY. These sets are especially designed for the three basic types of acoustic guitars; “J ” type models, Dreadnought models and the O-OO-OOO style guitars. We are the first string manufacturer to offer “body and wood specific” acoustic formulated sets:

#101 90/10 Phosphor Bronz: -Most common – ideally suited for most dreadnought, jumbo, etc like Martin D28
#102 85/15 Phosphor Bronz: -Higher brass content, popular on Maple guitars (special order only)
#103 80/20 Phosphor Bronz: -Highest brass content, brighter sound (special order only)

*ACOUSTIC #101 (90/10)* Ideally suited for guitars with mahogany backs and sides (darker sounding woods) like on most dreadnoughts.  The
manufacturer says that “these will float our sonic boat….”  I have to agree, and their extended life makes them actually less expensive to use than lower priced inferior sounding strings.

Here’s some of what Guitar Player Magazine had to say about SOB Electric strings:

“… the strings sounded wonderful on both of my guitars. In fact, the difference in playability and sound between the SOBs and the strings I’d been using was dramatic.”

“… they virtually eliminated string noise, but without the unnatural feel—and the warm, sensuous, harmonically rich tones that poured forth engulfed me like a hot bath. The strings were also a tad more taut, responding precisely to even the subtlest differences in pick articulation.”

“…I was also impressed by how long both string formulations retained their tone and feel.”



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