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Peerless Music is proud to be Australia’s authorised RPS Effects dealer. Original design pedals for the sonically adventurous, hand built in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


The Tremulus Maximus is a fully analog, optical tremolo and amplitude modulator. An additional ‘Auto’ feature reacts to your playing to automatically vary the modulation rate, giving a dynamic, responsive feel. Equipped with both triangle and square wave modulation, this is a versatile pedal that can get plenty of different sounds.

The RATE control of the Tremulus Maximus spans a large frequency range (2Hz – 600Hz), giving a tremolo effect on the lower half of the knob and an effect similar to ring modulation on the upper half. An expression pedal input is also available to take control of the rate.

Two modulation waveforms are available: triangle and square. The triangle offers a smoother sound, whereas the square is more extreme, bringing out additional harmonics and, at its higher settings, allowing for a more chopped-up, glitchy kind of tremolo.

Rather than having the indicator LED on the top face of the pedal, the light is on the inside and glows out of the four sides, with different colors for each waveform: green and pink. The lights flash at the same speed as the ‘Rate’ setting.

The AUTO feature provides a very natural and musical variation of the modulation rate. The change directly follows you’re playing, speeding up when the note is first hit and then slowing down as the note fades out.

Finally, you’ve got a DEPTH control to vary the intensity of the effect from barely noticeable to Pax Romana-disrupting extremes.

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