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PastFx New Division Chorus Flange Vibrato

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Peerless Music is thrilled to be an authorised dealer for select PastFx pedals!


The PastFx New Division Is a faithful recreation of the 1970’s / 80’s MN3007 EHX Clone Theory. We have also incorporated some of the features of the 1st 1970’s Reticon Sad1024 version, while adding new options that address some of the flaws of the original circuit.

Peter Hook (New Order /Joy Division) is probably the most well-known artist associated with these early models. The 1970’s Sad1024 version incorporates an “Edge” (Bright switch), however when the Bucket Brigade chip was replaced with the MN3007, the bright switch was removed and a VIB/Flange switch was added.

The Heart of the New Division is its Chorus effect.

Features of the New Division

  • True Bypass
  • Uses NOS Panasonic MN3007 BBD
  • Includes “Edge” switch from 1970’s version
  • VIB/Flange switch
  • Effect and Dry outputs
  • Peak Level Red Led indicator
  • Red (VIB/Flange) – Blue (Chorus ) Dual Led LFO rate indicator
  • New Input and Output Level controls address the volume drop found on the original Clone Theory. This also allows signal level adjustments to prevent clipping on various types of guitars/bass guitars.

(Starting place is to turn input control up just before the Red LED begins to clip/light up then bring up the level control to achieve unity gain with bypass signal).

  • Exclusive to the New Division is a “Studio” switch, which engages a compander circuit allowing to further reduce the floor noise of the effect. (Studio switch is designed for the Chorus mode only) One of the complaints of the early Clone Theory pedals is that they were quite noisy.
  • When in Chorus toggle mode, the Chorus /Vibe control is active. As the knob is turned clockwise the effect begins to reduce the dry signal, until a full Vibrato effect is heard.
  • In VIB/Flange mode, the CHOR VIB control is bypassed and inverted feedback is added.
  • Operates off 18VDC and does not have any internal voltage doubler circuit. This help keep floor noise to a minimum.
  • Also unique to the New Division is an internal 70’s/80’s slide switch. This allows the subtle tone filtering options of the two early MN3007 (80’s) /SAD1024 (70’s) version. The 70’s has slightly more mids and is a tad darker in high frequencies.
  • Current draw 150mA
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