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Mozztronics TD-2 HV High Voltage 12AX7 Tube Driver

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Peerless Music is proud to be an authorised dealer for Mozztronics: Effects pedals for guitar and bass, hand made in Australia by electrical engineer and musician Andrew Macdonald.


Using a 12AX7 tube, and powered from an external 15VAC to 16VAC supply, this pedal runs the tube at proper amplifier High Voltages, for that real tube sound. We’ve gone old school here, we use circuits that were used to generate high voltage in old time television sets to generate the high voltage for the tube in this pedal.

There is no diode clipping in this unit, just tube compression and overdrive. We use a transistor as an output buffer and apart from that everything else in the signal path is what you would expect in a proper “tube” amplifier.

This pedal does clean to medium/high drive and is great for edge of breakup to heavy crunch and beyond. Its not a high gain metal monster, but use this into a nice loud amp, and you can hear the girth & grit being extended while adding sparkle. Turn the outputH volume up to slam the front end of your amp and hear it sing.

This pedal responds like an amplifier would, roll the guitar volume back and the pedal responds, dig in hard on the strings and the pedal responds. We here at Mozztronics like to think of this pedal as an extension of your amplifier.

Many pedals on the market have the word “tube” in their name, and while these can be quite good, they don’t use a real tube to get “that sound”. This is the Mozztronics take on a pedal with an actual 12AX7 tube inside. Some products with tubes use the tube for filtering only, in the “tone control” section of the circuit. What a waste of a tube. We here at Mozztronics use the tube where it is meant to be used, in the gain stages, so the drive you hear is tube drive, tube drive, and nothing but tube drive.

GAIN controls the amount of overdrive from a light crunch to a searing screaming overdrive

TONE adjusts the brightness of the signal

VOLUME adjusts the overall output volume of the pedal

Mozztronics uses the industry standard 2.1mm positive sleeve 15V AC socket for this pedal.

Power is from an external 15VAC 0.4A plugpack (supplied with the pedal*). *If purchasing from outside Australia you will need to source your own 15VAC 0.4A power supply.

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