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Maneco Labs Sixteen Second Digital Delay

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Peerless Music is proud to be an authorised Australian dealer for Maneco Labs.


*Limited production run of 50 units Worldwide*

Manecolabs announces the release of the sixteen seconds delay vintage, inspired by the original looping delay from 1983 . Device topology is the same as first digital delays from that era, with an all-analog signal path, pre emphasis and de emphasis, compression and expansion , antialias and reconstruction filtering and input output buffering and mixing. Digital processing is limited only to analog to digital conversion , memory management and storage and digital to analog conversion , all in glorious eight bits .

There’s also an analog triangle Low Frequency Oscillator for modulating delay time/pitch , and a click metronome generator,also analog driven by the memory read circuit , with level and independent output. Maximum delay time has been increased to 64 seconds, there are toggle switches for slow/fast speed/pitch and reverse playback.

On board footswitches control infinite/freeze from the delay buffer , and bypass for the whole unit. Slider illuminated controls are delay time coarse, delay time fine , sweep rate and depth , clix volume , feedback and mix. Proudly hand built in Uruguay, by Manecolabs also creators for the Grone Drone machine Eurorack, Tabletop and Pedal drone generators among others.

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