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Lava Cables 20′ Retro Coil Cable SEAFOAM GREEN Right Angle to Straight

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Peerless Music is proud to bring you LAVA CABLES.

The mission of Lava Cable. LLC is to provide the Music Industry with innovative cable and accessory products, world-class customer service, and a wide selection of made-to-order guitar, microphone, and speaker cable from around the world+

Lava Retro Coil

The revolutionary best-in-class Lava Retro Coil™ cable features an exclusive proprietary outer jacket that is a unique Hybrid Elastomeric Polymer blend that makes it the most rugged, light and durable coil cable available, in addition to allowing for bright vibrant colors and color combinations not seen with the competition.

The Lava Retro Coil™ passes signal better than all other coils because the tone choking effects of high capacitance are minimized by using a 99.99% pure oxygen free copper low-strand count conductor and spiral shield as well as a nitrogen-injected FPE dielectric to dial in the capacitance to a sweet spot so this cable sounds just right – not too dark and not too bright.

The Lava Retro Coil™ is dead quiet in all situations due to a specially designed inner PVC jacket that was specifically formulated to reduce triboelectric noise to a bare minimum. Coil size was designed so you can easily fit this cable in your guitar case and not feel like you are lugging around a dead snake.

To make this special coil cable sound even better, G&H plugs by Abbatron with their patented Copper Core Technology™ are used with 4% silver solder to clearly set the Lava Retro Coil™ apart as best-in- class.

The revolutionary Lava Retro Coil™ is the only coiled guitar cable on the market entirely Made in the USA – this includes bulk cable, plugs and final assembly.

Wind your tone to new heights with a Lava Retro Coil™ .

All Lava Cables are built to last forever to exacting military specification standards and come with a lifetime warranty.

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