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KHDK Electronics Ghoul JR Kirk Hammett Overdrive

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KHDK Electronics Ghoul JR Kirk Hammett Overdrive

Small but lethal, GHOUL JR is a hyper-powerful overdrive circuit coiled inside a micro sized box. Modelled after the award-winning Kirk Hammett signature Ghoul Screamer, this mini pedal brings extra gain and a brand new voicing style of its own.

We got rid of Ghoul Screamer’s 5 toggle replaced them with two 3-position switches with the most popular & usable combinations. But instead of making GHOUL JR just a simplified Ghoul Screamer, we went all out with this micro box and gave it even more gain than the original, plus one brand new voicing style.

GHOUL JR pushes it’s big brother’s award-winning properties to the max, with added gain (a 12 on a 1-to-10 scale!) and completely
new full-on mode. Caution: in this case, size doesn’t matter…this little fucker gets loud.

All KHDK pedals are proudly crafted and quality tested in Kentucky, USA.

GHOUL JR is powered exclusively by external 9v DC (center negative) power supply.



Controls the gain of the circuit. On lower Drive settings, GHOUL JR works as a clean boost with a characteristic mid hump. For more distortion turn the Drive control higher to increase the harmonics, compression and power. Remember: the usual gain range
is to lo, but GHOUL JR will take you all the way to l2!


Controls the overall output volume of GHOUL JR.


A highly effective active high-frequency tone control. At 12 o’clock it’s neutral. Turned clockwise it becomes raw, aggressive and helps your tone cut through. Turned counterclockwise it cuts the highs for a more mellow, warm tone.


Is your Bass and Body control. CENTER is the basic setting. UP enhances low frequencies to thicken your tone and add massive bottom end, while DOWN improves the tonal response in the mids as well as tone tightness and cut-through, particularly effective with low tuned guitars.


Delivers three levels of gain and headroom. UP is your basic setTing. with the most compressed classic sound. CENTER brings a more dynamic, cutting tone. DOWN is a brand new full-on mode with the most aggressive, fullest setting and a bonus dose of gain for even bigger sustain and cut-through.


Engages your GHOUL JR to “on” or True bypass mode.


  • Locate the input and output jacks on GHOUL JR and make sure there is 9v power flowing through.
  • Start your GHOUL JR with the controls at 12 o’clock and all the switches set to the “up” position.
  • Start off with your amp in clean mode.
  • Run an instrument cable from your guitar to the GHOUL JR input jack. Run another instrument cable from the output jack of your GHOUL JR to the input jack of your amp.
  • To engage the GHOUL JR, press or step on the foot switch until both green LEDs are illuminated.
  • Adjust your pedal volume to match your amp or your desired boost level.
  • Dial in your desired settings by adjusting the GHOUL JR knobs and switches to shape your individual tone.
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