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Jellyfish Electronics Turd Burglar Octave Fuzz

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Product Description

Peerless Music is extremely proud to be the authorized Australian dealer for Jellyfish Electronics.

Jellyfish Electronics specializes in hand-built guitar pedals. Their product line is built on original designs or modern twists on old classics.  No clones here.  Jellyfish Electronics use all quality components and thick layers of hardened automotive quality clear coat to keep these pedals working hard and looking good for years to come.  Each and every pedal is hand-made and hand painted in New Hampshire, USA and no two are exactly alike. 

Turd Burglar

Crude Name, Crude Tone. Real Stanky Fuzz!

This thing is gross… but wait! Gross in a good way! 

This little guy packs a punch. From Roaring fuzzstortion to a stuttering fuzznato, this pedal doesn’t know the meaning of subtlety. 

The Stank knob controls the character of the snarl and can provide self oscillation or octave up textures, should you desire. 

With the Stank knob down it is a full throttle fuzz machine, with subtle octave-up bits of chaos sprinkled in. Crank the Stank to really saturate the pedal, increase the octave-up content, and pinch the sound for a lo fi synth-like experience.

The TURD BURGLAR  is a nasty ass fuzz. Rich and full with the Stank knob turned down, the TURD BURGLAR is on its best behavior. 

Go ahead and crank the Stank and the nastiness shines through. Octave up tones cut through and the tone gets more pinched, glitchy and searing.

Of course this pedal is true-bypass and accepts battery power or a typical -9v power adapter. High quality automotive gloss clear coat over a nice hand-painted exterior. 

The innards are hand wired and soldered with love. 

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