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GRAVITY PICKS SUNRISE Mini Guitar Pick 3mm Orange

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Peerless Music is proud to bring you Gravity Guitar Picks from the USA!

Handcrafted, one at a time, Gravity Guitar Picks are not a mass produced product. Each pick is shaped, polished, and packaged by professional craftsmen.

SUNRISE Mini 3mm Orange

The newest addition to the Gravity family, this pick was designed directly from the feedback of thousands of musicians over the years. The result is the Sunrise: the versatility of the Classic with a look that’s anything but classic, the Sunrise turns heads, both from it’s sleek body and unmatched sound. At Gravity, we believe that the top priority of any pick is to provide the player with a practical, dependable tool with which to bring the best sound out if their instrument. But once that is accomplished, there are other factors that musicians have wanted but pick makers have mostly overlooked. Things like design, creativity, innovation. The reason there are so many beautiful instruments is because the maker and the user want an instrument that not only produces amazing sound, but also looks just as amazing. The same must go for the pick, which is it’s own instrument. A new era has arrived that is revolutionizing how guitar picks are viewed and used, and the Sunrise by Gravity is leading the way. A pick that brings together design and creativity with innovation and playability, this pick is both versatile and beautiful. The Sunrise offers a wider body supported by it’s signature wings that make it stand out from any other pick. These ‘wings’ don’t just look great, they give your fingers that extra bit of grip that makes all the difference. With both a rounded or pointed tip, you can count on this pick to do it all, and look good in the process.

A Gravity Pick will be the only pick you’ll put between you and your guitar.

Incredible Sound

Finally, a pick that’s made with the same quality and craftsmanship as the instruments they play. At Gravity, we believe your strings are voices and a pick is what makes them sing. With a Gravity Pick, you tap into the full potential of your instrument. Most musicians unintentionally neglect the pick. They buy picks made from material that’s been overheated, injected into molds, giving the instrument a duller, less full sound. A Gravity Pick is a more durable material, shaped and polished to an amazing finish, giving your strings the full and incredible sound they deserve.

This revolutionary pick looks, feels, plays and even sounds better than any other pick on the market!

Try for yourself and feel the difference!


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