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Peerless Music is proud to bring you Gravity Guitar Picks from the USA!

Handcrafted, one at a time, Gravity Guitar Picks are not a mass produced product. Each pick is shaped, polished, and packaged by professional craftsmen.


This sharp pick is made to shred. Taking the versatility of the Classic model, the Razor boasts a more narrow body with a sharp, pointed tip that will keep it’s razor shape longer than any pointed pick on the market. While this pick is great for sweep picking, metal guitar and massive amounts of shredding, it’s similarities to the Classic shape leaves it open for a variety of playing styles.

A Gravity Pick will be the only pick you’ll put between you and your guitar.

Incredible Sound!

Finally, a pick that’s made with the same quality and
craftsmanship as the instruments they play. At Gravity, we believe your strings
are voices and a pick is what makes them sing. With a Gravity Pick, you tap
into the full potential of your instrument. Most musicians unintentionally
neglect the pick. They buy picks made from material that’s been overheated,
injected into molds, giving the instrument a duller, less full sound. A Gravity
Pick is a more durable material, shaped and polished to an amazing finish,
giving your strings the full and incredible sound they deserve.

This revolutionary pick looks, feels, plays and even sounds better than any other pick on the market!

Try for yourself and feel the difference!

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