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Peerless Music is proud to be the authorised Australian Dealer for Frost Giant Electronics. Handmade Fuzz and other varieties of Noise Destroyers from Texas USA.


A true “desert island” in modulation, bringing you a beautiful digital delay, reverb, and a clean boost to help clear up your board for solos and those looking to expand the structure of their tone by adding ambient sounds and capabilities.

The Eidolon is back.


We are excited to inform you we have teamed up with Dave Davidson to bring back the Eidolon! A pedal offered by our friends at Dunable Guitars and originally designed by John at Electronic Audio Experiments this is a creation from the mind of Dave Davidson of the band Revocation, one of the most insanely talented guitar players in the game right now. He came up with the idea in creating a true “desert island” pedal by bringing together a beautiful digital delay, reverb, and a clean boost to help solve the issue of multiple pedals used for solos and even those looking to add more texture to their tone either clean or overdriven.

Quote from Dave:

“I came up with the idea for the “Eidolon” a while back when I was searching to no avail for an all in one pedal that would be great for solos and would eliminate the need to run multiple units in my effects loop. As most lead players already know, you need two if not three different units to dial in the proper mix of delay, reverb and boost to get the cut and atmosphere you need. The “Eidolon” puts all of these effects into one pedal that is user-friendly and also sounds incredible. The “Eidolon” is truly my ideal lead pedal and is perfect for guitarists who are looking to dial in an awesome solo tone that is also super easy to use.” – Dave Davidson

Tech Specs:

The Eidolon is a fully integrated digital delay, reverb, and boost. The delay features crystal clear repeats and a tap tempo control, while the reverb morphs from a short room style decay to a cavern ambiance. The final mix of dry and delay/reverb signals may be boosted by up to 21dB of flat IC gain – perfect for a solo boost.


• Boost: from 0dB to 21dB of clean gain

• Delay: level of effected signal

• Reverb: amount of reverb mixed in with the effected signal

• Color: reverb depth from small room to cavernous hall

• Time: delay time – overridden by Tap switch

• Feedback: amount of repeats

• Mod: engages modulation on the delay repeats

• Tap: tap tempo based on the two most recent taps

• Bypass: effect on/off

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