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Deep Trip Pedals Pagebender

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Peerless Music is extremely proud to be the authorised Aussie dealer for Deep Trip Pedals from Brazil!



We are very proud to announce the PAGEBENDER!

This pedal was born from the idea of having a vintage-focused Tonebender mkII type of pedal, to pair with our heavier Hellbender. Our challenge was to tailor the circuit to cover not only early fuzzy tunes like “Dazed and Confused”, but also tube-like overdrive tones. That’s why this circuit incorporates several modifications and frequency adjustments to that original 60’s core circuit, intended to cover typical Zep tones and also a myriad of classic rock guitar sounds without any of the vintage pedal problems. The Pagebender takes a usual 9V DC power supply, doesn’t suffer with buffers or any other pedal and can be connected to any amplifier or similar device without any impedance issues.

The controls are designed to take you through many of Jimmy’s classic tones recorded on those timeless albums, but also much more. Explore them freely to adapt the Pagebender to your amplifier and speaker’s response, to your guitars and pickups, and to your ears and taste. That exclusively designed laser cut carbon-steel enclosure houses sophisticated fiberglass circuit boards with plated-through holes, filled with high performance, low tolerance components that form an exclusive circuit, capable of delivering much more than what you imagined a fuzz could do.

While our Hellbender covers very heavy and aggressive tones, with incredibly high gain, the Pagebender goes for lots of dynamics, “light and shade” sensitivity, with unbelievable frequency balance that puts your guitar exactly where it should be in the mix.

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