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Dazatronyx RAD Distortion

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Peerless Music is proud to be an authorised dealer for Dazatronyx – effect pedal artistry from Melbourne, Australia.


This Rad Distortion pedal is a copy of a famouse rodent. It uses stacked op amp and diode clipping stages.

Mounted on the circuit board is an internal switch, which engages (up position) or disengages different distortion models:

OD: A custom mod to smooth out the first clipping stage and make it sound less fuzzy.

RAT: The typical distortion mode.

GE: Glass germanium diodes used for final clipping stage was another option. This has a rounder sound with higher overall distortion in sacrifice of some output volume.

These switches can be stacked in different combinations. Always have at least one switch engaged in the upward position to avoid an obscenely loud output.
True bypass, of course! That means that the instrument signal remains completely untouched and unprocessed while the pedal is in bypass mode.

Power is supplied by the industry standard type 9V DC connector with polarity shown. Alternatively, a 9V battery may be connected. Remove the four screws on the base panel to access the internal battery holder. Unplug the input jack when not in use to turn unit off.

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