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Coppersound Pedals Daedalus Dual Reverb Pedal

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Daedalus Dual Reverb.

Sounds from the shores of Crete.

Much like the engineer that it’s name derives from, Daedalus was methodically designed and crafted. As opposed to using a chip, we built the reverb off the newest Belton 3 brick.

The pedalboard friendly design of the Daedalus gives you the option of selecting between two preset reverb sounds via a footswitch (think small tiled bathroom to large concert hall), an Expression / FX Loop input which can be used to control the reverb level via an expression pedal – or – allow you to insert your favorite effect into the reverb path only, and can be powered from a standard Boss-style 9v adaptor.

There’s a beautiful mix of versatility, tone, and usability in the Daedalus which we believe makes it an excellent addition to any pedalboard! Please see the photos below for a detailed diagram of all its features!


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