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Chase Tone Fuzz Fella Blue BC108

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Peerless Music is proud to be an authorised Aussie Chase Tone dealer. Inspired by tone. Hand made in the USA.


1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s & BEYOND, BC108C Hi-Gain Futuristic Fuzz Fella™ BLUE BC108C Blast to the Past… Rocks CRANKED or at a WHISPER –huge wall of fuzz sound with thick sustain and glassy cleans, like you always wished a BC108C fuzz to be!

The Chase Tone Fuzz Fella (Blue BC108C) is a limited-edition, pedal-board-friendly version of my favourite & most prized BC108C high gain old-school fuzz tone that has that authentic huge wall of sound w/thick sustaining tone that instantly cleans up into thick, glassy, punchy cleans. Other fuzz pedals often sound thin and wispy cleaned up on second listen when compared to the Fuzz Fella.

Durable double blue hammer powder-coat finish feels like Vintage and the fonts are retro-future inspired.

What sets the Chase Tone Fuzz Fella (Blue BC108C) apart from the rest is its amazing feel like a cranked compressed amplifier that still BLOOMS and THICK harmonic complexity responding to the player’s touch with great dynamics. There’s no need to crank the amplifier or layer an overdrive but you can if you want to for more saturation and feedback.

This may be the most harmonically thick and sustaining Fuzz you’ll ever play; sounding like you always thought a BC108C fuzz should sound and feel. External mini-trim knobs allow the player to fine-tune to their rig at home, in the studio, or on the road with a live band. Player preferred custom tweaks from our tonally prized pedals, along with the versatility and pedal-board friendliness have all been incorporated into the design.


VOLUME: Turning Clockwise increases sustain, BIG low-end punch and treble bite nearer to Max. An optimal setting is usually between Noon and Maximum.

Lower than noon saturates fuzz tone. Compensate by cranking MID-FEEL-BASS.

Higher Volume settings produce treble bite & increased low end.

FUZZ: Maximizing this control increases total amount of fuzz.

Higher settings produce searing high gain fuzz and feedback for lower volume levels.

Lower settings produce fatter, warmer fuzz tones for stacking with overdrive pedals and cranked rigs.

MIDS: Magically boost MIDS and OUTPUT for a band or recording mix when turned clockwise. You can’t get a vintage fuzz to do this.

FEEL: Updated Bias knob. Every setting is musical and changes the feel and texture: counter-clockwise saturated starved voltage and dying battery feel through clockwise punchy round tube-like fuzz and everything in between. New! 2.5 x Expanded Range. You can’t get a vintage fuzz to do this.

BASS: Bass gain adjustment for humbuckers or eliminating oscillating wah pedals before fuzz.

Player tone tip: Counter-clockwise settings with high FUZZ settings produce overdrive.


Standard 9VDC power PSU or battery

Centre negative polarity

Specially picked BC108C silicon transistors

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