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Catalinbread Karma Suture (Silicon)

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Peerless Music is proud to be an authorised Australian dealer for Catalainbread. Catalinbread designs and hand-builds, high quality, industry defining, guitar effects pedals in the U.S.A..


The Catalinbread Karma Suture line was inspired by the rare Harmonic PercolatorTM. Not just a clone, we’ve expanded the potential by adding the exclusive Density and Diodes controls coupled with months of fine-tuning to get everything just right. You’ll find great sounds through the rotation of all the controls. No matter how you have the pedal set, the tone and response is always alive, sensitive to your every playing nuance.

Germanium Karma Suture follows the original recipe of a NOS germanium PNP transistor coupled with a silicon NPN transistor for a sweet, smooth musical response. A mixed pair of germanium and silicon diodes completes the picture, giving you a warm, asymmetrical clipping response.

Silicon Karma Suture ups the gain, output, and brightness with two silicon transistors, still in PNP/NPN configuration, along with a pair of silicon diodes, configured for asymmetrical clipping. This version will cut through the mix with epic authority!

Whether you’re using the Karma Suture as your standalone dirt box into your amp or you’re using it to boost, overdrive, and enhance your existing dirt pedals, you’ll be greeted with harmonic distortion laden with even-order harmonics – sweet and musical, even with complex chord voicings. Both models provide you with amazing even-order harmonic distortion with distinct personalities. If you’re familiar with the difference between a germanium and silicon fuzz face, then those qualities apply to the Karma Suture as well – germanium gives you a thick, sweet response with a softer picking attack. Silicon provides a more immediate picking attack with a more aggressive tone. Germanium Karma Suture cleans up amazingly from the guitar’s volume knob, while the Silicon Karma Suture cleans up to a great light crunch – perfect for rock riffing!

So, you’re thinking, is it a fuzz? Yes! Is it an overdrive? Yes! Is it a sparkly boost? Yes, again! Karma Suture’s four control layout allows you to dial in a huge range of harmonically rich tones that sound great into clean amps and as well as overdriven amps. Or into a foundation overdrive, such as the Dirty Little Secret. It can work equally well with vintage single coils and hot humbuckers.

Because Karma Suture generates predominantly even-order harmonic distortion, you will notice amazing clarity even with extreme settings. You can even play complex chord voicings and yet every note rings through clear! Try that with your average fuzz or distortion pedal! And even at maximum settings, the Karma Suture retains an open and responsive character unlike a lot of fuzzes and distortion pedals. Even though it has an open character, you can get amazing sustain with the Karma Suture on, especially if you’re hitting a cranked up amp with it. Harmonics come in waves, undulating in and out as you hold that epic power chord.

The Density control goes from a thick fuzz tone that can sound like an amp ready to explode all the way to a tight harmonically rich overdrive that screams “rock and roll!”. This control is the key to dialing in the Karma Suture with any rig, allowing you to fine- tune to find the exact sweet spot.

The Diodes control allows you to set the threshold of the diode clipping circuit – from full clipping to get the most distortion and compression all the way to no diode clipping for a wide-open (and LOUD!) sound.

The Input knob controls how much of your guitar signal gets to the harmonic generator. Set it low for a lively boost, laden with even-order harmonic content. Or crank it all the way up to get fuzz blasts!

And Output controls the volume level. This pedal is capable of some serious output in certain settings!

The Karma Suture will reward your good tone intentions by lacing up your sound with awesome harmonics that bloom and bloom, turning your power chord into a tantric event!



This knob controls how much of your guitar’s signal hits the harmonic generation circuit. Full up and your guitar’s full output drives the circuit. Turned way down and you’ll get a cleaner sound. But, you’ll get great harmonic enhancement no matter how you have it set! You can use this control not only to control the gain of the pedal but also to adjust for different pickup types. If your guitar has super hot pickups and you don’t want fuzz sound, turn the Input knob down. And unlike the gain knobs on a lot of pedals, the response is alive and juicy no matter where this control is set!


Set this control for the desired output level. You will want to adjust it after adjusting the other controls, particularly the Diodes control, as the output level varies depending on the other knobs settings.


This may be the most important control on the Karma Suture. It sets how “dense” or how much of your guitar’s bass frequencies get through to the harmonic generation circuit. Set full and the guitar’s full frequency range will drive the circuit, unleashing big fuzzed out tones. As you turn Density down, the signal tightens up and less and less of your bass frequencies get through. This control is great for getting a woolly neck pickup to cut through! Set Density at minimum and you’ll get an amazingly juicy treble-boosted AC30 type of sound which is perfect for coupling a guitar with hot humbuckers with a cranked up, overdriven amp (or pedal). And somewhere in the middle you’ll find that perfect balance of tight treble and fat thump to get you rocking with authority!

Definitely spend a lot of time experimenting with this control with various guitars and pickup settings! And don’t forget about varying your guitar’s volume knob!


This control sets the threshold level for the germanium and silicon clipping diodes in the circuit. Turned full up and you’ll get maximum clipping distortion and compression – great for running the Karma Suture into a clean amp. As you turn the control down, the threshold ceiling gets lifted so you’ll gradually get less and less clipping and compression. You’ll find that as you turn it down, the output gets louder and louder too, due to the clipping ceiling being raised. You’ll want to adjust the Output knob to compensate.

A lot of pedals that utilize clipping diodes offer a switch to switch them in and out. Karma Suture’s Diodes control allows you to switch them in and out at either end of the control’s range but you can also fine tune exactly how much diode clipping you want! Typically, you’ll want more diode clipping if you’re running into a clean amp and less diode clipping if you’re running into a cranked amp or foundation overdrive pedal. Find your sweet spot!

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