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Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe (Black & Silver) Tape Echo Delay

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Peerless Music is proud to be an authorised Australian dealer for Catalainbread. Catalinbread designs and hand-builds, high quality, industry defining, guitar effects pedals in the U.S.A..


The new Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe is an exact reproduction of the iconic 1970’s Maestro Echoplex® EP-3 – the only difference is there is no tape!

The Belle Epoch Deluxe honors the EP-3 lineage by faithfully reproducing the original EP-3 specifications part for part – the only things missing are the record and playback heads – with a 24-bit high-fidelity digital delay line taking the place of the tape cartridge. Exact circuitry reproduction of the 22v power rail (running off a standard 9vDC power supply) helps to achieve that expansive plugged-into-the-wall sound. The JFET preamp (later EP-3 spec), mixer stage, and high gain silicon transistor-based record and playback amplifiers and feedback loop lends to the big, warm feel expected from these legendary musical devices.

No Compromises!

True to Catalinbread form, each component is thoughtfully and meticulously ear selected to bring you the most accurate EP-3 feel and sound available in pedal form.

Belle Epoch Deluxe: More Than Just an Echo Unit

Players for decades have sworn by the Echoplex, not just for the delays, but for the sonic enhancement it brings to the player’s rig as well. This is widely accepted consensus by now as there are several EP-3 inspired boosters on the market. But the third aspect of the Echoplex was that it was a live performance instrument unto itself. Catalinbread’s addition of the expression pedal control over delay time, delay playback head volume, and even rotary speed and filter sweep behaviors expands the legacy of the Echoplex as a performance instrument. Then we went further and added a momentary footswitch for echo oscillation, tunable via an internal trimpot, for even more sonic potential that even the originals did not possess!

But Wait – There’s More!!!

As if that weren’t enough – we then expanded the possibilities even further by adding 5 more sonic layers to the Echo cake! Echo Programs 2 through 6 feature a warmer ‘analog delay’ flavored mode, Rotary, Filter, DMM Chorus, and DMM Vibrato modes – all benefitting from that magical EP-3 preamp feel.

Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe Tape Echo Pedal Features:Faithful digital re-creation and physical reconstruction of the original EP-3 Tape delay units

  • Discrete preamp improves your guitar tone from low-volume cleans to saturated fuzz
  • Depth knob for setting the depth of the modulation
  • Record Level control determines how hard the virtual 'tape' is hit
  • Echo Sustain lets you decide how much delay signal to feed back into the delay line
  • Echo Delay controls delay time; set it anywhere within the EP-3's original 80-800ms range
  • Self-oscillation (Echo Sustain set high) makes it an instrument in itself
  • Internal trim pot sets preamp gain
  • Expression pedal input with topside toggle switch for pedal control of delay time, playback volume, filter sweep, or rotary speed
  • Made in the USA
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