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Peerless Music is proud to be the authorised Australian dealer for Blammo Electronics. Handmade electronic devices by an IPC / DIY certified music enthusiast and cartoon lover out of Portland, Oregon with an emphasis on quality.



The Tomb Sender from BLAMMO! Electronics is a “new-meets-old” take on the classic and beloved Sola Sound Tone Bender Mkiii. Hand selected new-old-stock NPN germanium transistors, carbon composition resistors, and accurate component values keep the heart of the Tomb Sender true, while an updated relay based true bypass switching system, added make up gain stage for more output, and beefed up power filtering section offer less hiss and hum plus modern usability. 

Four potentiometers and one toggle switch hold sway over the Tomb Sender. Let’s go over what they are and what they can do for you.

The Volume control works the way you would expect but offers more output so your signal won’t dip below unity gain on the skronkier settings. The Bias knob controls the voltage level of the second germanium transistor and offers zippy, Velcro-like splattery and gated wonkyness when set the lowest and does the familiar Tone Bender mkiii sounds when turned all the way up. The Attack controls the fuzz gain, offering more bite and compression when set on high with a more open and raw tone when dialed left. The Tone control isn’t your standard “set it and forget it / one sound” type of knob.  Useable throughout its entire sweep, it offers more bass frequencies without cutting the highs when turned left, and more highs with some bass cut when knobbed to the right. The toggle switch operates a simple noise gate that cuts a good portion of the background noise/muck between notes, but also works well with the Bias knob to finely tune the broken and dying battery sounds the Tomb Sender has to offer. Break your signal a little…..or send it six feet underground.

◦ Relay based True bypass

◦ No-click footswitch

◦ NOS MP38a germanium transistors

◦ Carbon Composition resistors

◦ Panasonic and Nichicon capacitors

◦ Skull shaped Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

◦ Board mounted switch and Alpha pots w/ dust covers

◦ 125b enclosure (4.8 x 2.6 x 1.58”) with top mounted jacks

◦ Matte grey powder coat with 2- color hand screen printed graphic

◦ Runs on the STANDARD 2.1mm center negative power supply (Boss style)

Carefully handmade in Portland, Oregon

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