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Peerless Music is proud to be an authorised Australian dealer for Blammo Electronics. Handmade electronic devices by an IPC / DIY certified music enthusiast and cartoon lover out of Portland, Oregon with an emphasis on quality.



The BLAMMO! Skrambler is sort of a two in one pedal.

The stock setting is an unadulterated version of the classic MK1 Ampeg Scrambler made with high quality, low noise modern componentry. MOD mode gives you the beefed up BLAMMO version; a blown out, skrambled octave up fuzz tone that reacts to the guitars volume, tone, and pickup selector controls by oscillating between normal and glitchy, half-broken guitar sounds. In this setting, use the texture control to mix between biting feedbacked fuzz that yelps or touch sensitive, gated crackly sounds that get quite between notes or when not playing. In stock mode, the texture control acts a bit differently, yielding more open and less compressed sounds when turned right, and nastier nasally tones with biting high end when dialed left. The blend function goes from 0 to 100 percent wet in the stock position, but in MOD mode it can yield intersting octave down sounds that spit like an angry camel. The master volume control is located on the right side of the pedal near the input jack to keep the look similar to the original Ampeg units.

– True Bypass

– Panasonic film caps

– Teflon coated off-board wiring

– Board mounted switch and Alpha pots with dust covers

– Hand screen printed graphic

– 1590b enclosure in silver with side mounted in / out jacks

– Top mounted 2.1mm center negative DC power jack

– 3mm red LED

Handmade with care in Portland Oregon

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