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BARBER ELECTRONICS Compact Burn Unit (Black Sparkle)

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Peerless Music is proud to be the authorised Australian Dealer for Barber Electronics.


The Compact Burn Unit is a very wide range overdrive which uses a simple control-set meant to quickly guide you between sounds. There are 2 three-way toggles, one for midrange and another for dynamics. The dynamics control sets the point where the distortion starts to compress and breaks up. You can dial in anything from barely there edge of breakup, to vintage tweed, 60s-70s rock, and a very serious mega dollar fusion amp sound. The midrange control gives you levels between neutral to mid-forward.

The 3-way toggle on the upper left controls midrange, set to the left is lightly enhanced mids, to the middle is thick mids, and to the right is a more neutral setting. Depending on your pickups, and associated electronics any of these three setting might be perfect for you.

The 3-way toggle on the upper right is for dynamics, this allows you to set how the Burn Unit will respond to pick attack, and how it breaks into overdrive. Set to the left the dynamics are moderate with a slight sweet sag when you dig in, to the middle, you get a louder, stiffer dynamic sound like you would expect from a high power tube amp with solid state rectifier. Pick hard, and the Burn Unit gets louder, pick softer and the output drops. The right setting is compressed like a nice old smaller Tweed era amp but turns to into explosive pick attack with every touch of the strings when using higher gain settings.

The volume control sets your output level. You will need to adjust when changing toggles.

The Tone control is somewhat subtle and is great for dialing in the exact amount of detail you need for

your guitar to sound lively or silky smooth. Think of it as a way to soften the top or add definition. The Burn control sets the sustain and distortion levels. Lots of range, it’s all good from off to max.

Suggested settings for the Burn Unit

Many guitars will work well with a treble bleed kit using a 680p cap in parallel with a 220k resistor across the wiper and left leg of the volume pot. This helps when using OD to cleanup and make highs clear. The suggested tone knob values are .01-.02uf when using humbuckers or soapbars, and .047-.1uf with single coils, and appropriate pot values by manufacture.

Set your amp’s clean sound to a balanced and dynamic tone, turn off your amp’s bright switch if it has one.

Medium power Tweed: both toggles set to right, volume 12 o clock, tone at 3-5 o clock, Burn at 11-12 o clock. Guitar’s tone between 3-full, roll back volume when using neck pickup. Works with Humbuckers and soaps!

Edge of breakup blackface: left toggle set to left, right toggle set middle. Volume at 10 o clock, tone at 4-5 o clock, Burn at 9-10 o clock. Great with singles or humbuckers.

Clean boost: Left toggle set to right, Right toggle set to middle. Volume at 1:30 or higher, tone to max, Burn 7-8:30 o clock. Best with single coils, but works great with humbuckers backing off on the guitar’s volume knob a bit.

70’s studio cat: left toggle set right or left, right toggle set right or left. Volume 11 o clock, tone set 2-5 o clock, Burn at 2-4 o clock. bridge humbucker, guitar’s tone knob on 3-6.

Thick n’ woody: left toggle set middle, right toggle set left. Volume at 11, tone at 3 o clock, Burn at max.

Fat singles with sustain: left toggle middle, right toggle middle, volume 10:30, tone at 3, Burn at 11-1.

Please use a 9-18 volt DC negative tip adaptor to power the Burn Unit. And yes, there is a bass trim pot inside, but only adjust it if you really like having this feature. Remember where it was set before you start.

Made in USA.

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