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AMERICAN STRING Co. 11 – 48 Steel Series High End Guitar Strings

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AMERICAN STRING Co. Knows The Real Magic of String Making!

American String have been the only maker of strings for Steinway and Sons Pianos (and just about every other fine piano manufacturer) for more than 100 years AND have been producing the core and wrap wire for most of the guitar string industry for decades.

The market is full of promises of mystical string design or a new space-age material that will improve your tone or the performance of a string.  We love innovation but it is highly likely that those claims are simply marketing hype.  The real magic is in:

·        The highest quality source metal (American String use only superior American steel),

·        Advanced manufacturing technologies that they use in their own wire mills, and

·        Generations of expertise and manufacturing processes to wind strings for your guitars by the best craftsmen in the United States of America.

American String now design and produce the highest quality, longest lasting guitar strings, giving you superior tone and great feel in your hands, with strings that stay in tune and perform longer than other brands.


Gauges 11 – 14 – 18 – 28 – 38 – 48

American String Co. Steel – 8% nickel plated steel for electric guitar. More aggressive sounding and biting (with plenty of mid-range). Great for driving a bright signal through effects boxes.

The Steel series stings retain the great feel, tuning stability and durability of a high-end string, while delivering a punchy, brighter tone with plenty of character that will stand out in any mix.

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